Ku Hiang Bak Kut Teh

8:30:00 PM
Everybody always asked why do you eat bak kut teh all the time or how many times do you eat bak kut teh in a week?

We were so regular until they moved to a bigger location, I guess we spend quite a lot of money there already.

Hummm, ever wonder if Cruz Events had shares? I don't know...

Anyway a nice hot cup of tea to kill the fats later

The first dish finally arrived, don't know what is this... eat only.

The steam fish, this is a must.

Some vegetable to ease the digestion. The vege always disappears after 5mins...

Steamed chicken that comes with a spicy sauce, something like those chicken rice type..

Pork Legs..

And lastly, Bah Kut Teh!

What is lunch without a big group of colleagues, ehem now we know where all the vegetable went...
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