Shout! Awards 2010, Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

2:28:00 AM
Waited anxiously for one long week after the Xplay Shout! and finally the biggest and craziest concert has begun and also ended with a commotion by all sporting patrons. I am proud to see so many people supporting the local artists.

Celcom has given me great seats! I thank you for that and not to forget Sirens Media :D

Sat patiently waiting for a miracle..

The crowd is going wild for this...

I am very amazed with the opening act and not to mention the lighting effects with god knows how many moving heads they've used. It was mind blowing!

Fantastic performances by James Baum, Najwa, BunkFace, Mizz Nina, Iyaz...

I think Najwa has the best set up, its like shes making a MTV out of her live concert. Love the transition as well. Its creatively executed.

Aihhh this girl, lucky thing with my 8 points of "How to get to Stadium Bukit Jalil" helped or else we wouldn't be able to do this. Anyway you look good lah!

Many was there, I saw Balwin, Mynjayz, Eric Yong, Jaclyn, Bok, Michelle Lee, Feeq and a few more.. fuhh it felt comfortable to know you are surrounded by friends.

"Pink was the closest to purple" - Tallboyz.

When this came on, Daphne almost fell off her seat. Haahaha!

After a great performance by our very own Mizz Nina, I left. Even though it was a short time there, but it was definitely a time worth spending.

Everything was brought to you by Celcom Xpax.
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