Friends at Avira Launch

9:32:00 PM
Sometime back in October I've got invited by the ever famous smashp0p to witness a special event by Avira and you may find the post here. Today we are not going to talk about the event, just a tour on who was there and what we did.

The prince of development Eric look handsome together with the sexytary Jiayeen and never the less jfook is looking awesomely hot -- psst! notice the unbutton baju.. wAhaha!

These kind of event helps you build an ever lasting list of friendships, new or old. This is new.

Guess if you would have blog long enough, you should know these famous ones.

Now what is blogging without a family picture, this i like.

If you don't know Jaclyn from Sirens Media, this is it!

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