I drink Hennessy not because I am an uncle.

10:11:00 PM
I drink Hennessy and they replied "Eeeeeew uncle's drink". Come to think about it, It is not. The reason why working adults drink it is simply because brandy is smoother then any other whisky (in some cases) and of course it is more pricey than others.

I had the same perception towards Hennessy before when I was much younger back then and that's because I needed a group of 10 guys just to open a single bottle of Chivas!?!? Hey we just don't come from a wealthy family, plus where got girls open bottle wannnn! :P

Afterall, Hennessy Artistry has proven that it is no longer a brandy that is owned by the working adults. Younger teens consume them now.. *pheww*

Above is my party brother. Remember those days when we used to open Dewars bro? Haha.. let's just put those behind and continue with Hennessy or Martell's Cordon Bleu someday?

Our party lady Veron, so whose fetching her back tonight? Watch out for road blocks :P (a tendency to kena every roadblock when you fetch her home).. haha..

The little one in the group. Too bad i don't have the after picture where she went wee wee. Haha :P

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