Belanga, Empire Shopping Gallery

7:44:00 PM
A minum petang session get together brought to you by our friendly social media network Feeqsays. With a catchy tagline "Get sensational with belanga's minum petang session", it brought all of us here and learned a little bit more about our very own Malaysian local delights and some fine Italian coffee.

We were greeted with food that very instance as we arrived. Yup! No time to lose.

The choices are pretty good for tea as it was not too filling. Unless you are XiangCool who eats practically everything by the dozens over and over again.

As you can see, Jaclyn was the eating model on the top. She practically enjoyed it I suppose.
Some of the great choice were Anak Dara Dua Sebilik, Satar, Pulut Panggang, Tahi Itik, Kueh Akok, Keropok Lekor and Royal Murtabak.

Xiang, Louis and Jaclyn

And introducing baboon -- Wait! everybody knows him already.

This is what they call Sata in Kelantan. Sata is also used in Kuantan and Terrenganu. Its suppose to be stuffed with fishy meat. Not too bad i must say.

Last but not least, a cup of coffee for everybody. I love their latte! The coffee bean must be a good one because the one that i had at Starbucks earlier didn't smell like this one. Please try!

Great having tea with you guys. I don't think I can every recall having a tea gathering before.

Anyhow my colleague Steven came here before and he said the Laksa is damn nice! So I shall come back and try some soon.

You may find these guys at Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang. (just behind subang parade)

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