Hennessy Artistry, Mist Bangsar

7:44:00 PM
Arrived perfectly on time for the press conference with many others who made the event more warm and welcome.

Greeted by the big signage and pleasant smiles from the usherettes.

If you ever wanna try to be a DJ, all Hennessy Artistry event gives you the chance to do so.

Greeted by a familiar face, heelllooo!

The lady i admire the most! Without her my Hennessy wouldn't be mixed correctly.

Do the photo before the entering the domain :D

Greeted by the players in the house, DJ Nesh, ZE! and DJ Inquisitive

Had some great fun with some great beautiful people.

The coolest boys in the set baby!

Oh and I bump into Karena too, i'm beginning to like this event. They made the party as though it was just for us.

The handsome man himself.

We've got a double triple angels in the club! Woohoo!

One weekend well spend, for more images of the club please visit Hennessy Artistry

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