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Meet Liselle

a talented designer whom I knew a long long time ago even way before college. I was young and I clearly remember seeing her at a friends party. As time goes by, I met her again back in The One Academy. The Lisa Lee I used to know is now Liselle.

In words from the card, Liselle is a feminine character of a young woman which portrays an image of elegance and authority that fuels an intrinsic potency for feminine lovers. This fascinating character addressed a luxurious sense of belonging with great emphasize in her intimate love of her lifestyle.

Characteristically, Liselle loves spending time traveling and discovering more sensual perspective of the fashion world.

About Lisa Lee, Visual Artist

Graduated as Bachelor of Visual Communication, Birmingham City University,UK, Lisa Lee has ventured her journey back to Malaysia to line her new footprint in fashion illustration.

Inspired by the tremendous influence of UK, this artistic illustrator own image is closely identified with that of her fashion illustration, emphasizing her intimate love of her lifestyle.

Confident, feminine, and quietly luxurious, Lisa Lee has created Liselle. Liselle is a feminine character designed in her illustration which portrays an image of elegance and yet retains an intrinsic authority that fuels her ingenious illustration for feminine lovers.

Lisa Lee has become the partner of Toy Minister, a designer toy company which provides her a further massive platform in furthering her exploration in feminine character development.

Lisa Lee had also won in Trevor Award in UK for her fashion illustration masterpiece. Locally, she had organised and collaborated with Malaysia fashion designer, Venie Tee in a fashion illustration workshop in The One Academy.

A business women coming out in the open is what I see, an entrepreneur you should adore and learn from. I wish you all the best of luck Lisa.

Check her facebook out!
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