Lawrence's Wedding, The Dinner

11:44:00 PM
The night where Delicious became our playground. It was a buffet style wedding dinner and I can seriously tell you that the buffet is damn extremely good! Food in Delicious memang boleh wan!

Arrived early so snap snap here and there a bit.. Oh ya we were staying at Ascott so its just 2 minutes away.

My lens were freezing inside and when I got out, everything when blurry... Nice effect tho..

This is the time where alcohol is needed to warm things up.. yaaaaaaaammmmmm!

The heng dais is suppose to wear black and white.. suppose to be light blue, wonder what ever happened to that.. OH YAH! Who the heck has light blue pants?

Drinking drinking and Steven was entertaining me..

This is Ah Yee, when he is under the influence of alcohol god knows what he'll do.

Oh ya, Manz wanna posing posing worr... and so she shall..

Awesome wedding I must say, how often you get to party in Delicious with disco music, table dancing and best of all singing! Haha.. once and a lifetime experience!

As u can see, Aloha is just behind Delicious. It was calling calling for us so... we continued to YUmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm seng there!
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