Getting a Passport for your Toddler

2:00:00 PM
Who knew getting a passport done for my daughter wasn't that hard afterall.
She was about 6 months here;

Had plenty of sleeps together to make sure the photo turn out good. By the way we thought we needed to take our own passport photo, so we did.

Ended up knowing that the Immigration department has a special counter for toddlers / elderly / pregnant women to handle our case. Yup they have their camera ready for a digital shoot so you don't have to take your own.

Boy the hassle of getting that image was a little of struggle, because of her hair we had to clip it up and thanks to the kind hearted immigration lady she loan us a clip.

Since we did it over at Immigration Sri Hartamas, we then went over to Publika for a meal and came back in an hour to collect her passport. Simple as ABC.

You may refer to the immigrations portal for more info : here
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