Taiwan Day 1 - arrival, via hotel zhongxiao, mala hotpot & Taipei 101 tower

2:50:00 PM
8 March 2016 was the day we have been anticipating for months and finally it was the day of departure. We have never been to Taiwan and that marks of our travel check list. It took us to long to decide as we both can't really converse in mandarin. 

Our breakfast each time we fly somewhere is always Mc'Donalds! -- without fail.

It was about 4 hour flight and it has been a pleasant one. Took a one hour bus ride to the town and checked into Via Hotel Zhongxiao

After when we settled down, it's time to look for our friends who were already there. First meet up was with the whole gang at a famous hot pot restaurant.

Thanks to Jenny who helped us ordered a delicious mixture of meat and seafood altogether. We were stuffed, like really stuffed. When we were about done, I found another plate filled with meat. Gosh.

It was a casual first day, so after meal we stroll around the city of Taipei and manage to get a glimpse of the famous Taipei 101.

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