Surfing is 'in' Malaysia Yo!

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I always wonder if anyone here in Malaysia considers surfing as a sport. A couple of days back when I was at Mid Valley with the gf, I saw a girl holding a huge surf board at the valet and I was wondering what the heck was she going to do with that in Malaysia.

So the question is Who Surfs?

For centuries surfing was a central part of ancient Polynesian culture some might even argue that surfing was also the sports of the kings in the south pacific nations. However the general rule of thumb is that surfing can be virtually done by anyone from all walks of life and enjoyed by both the young and old.

Do you know in actual fact is that a one meter wave and chest deep water is sufficient to achieve the sport of surfing?

So back to the main question, where can we surf?

Many of us thinks surfing destinations is limited where we may have to wait for monsoon months or head to the manmade surf pools that literally gives no satisfaction to the sport.

Fortunately, this is no longer the only options. It came to my attention that there is a surfing academy called Blue Forest Travel  in Padang, Indonesia and has opened the world of surfing to Malaysians.

Here the entry surfing course will debunk all the myths about surfing and it might even change the perspective of the sport of surfing all together.

The course that covers the duration of four days is conducted in the shallow lagoon with mellow year round waves of Pantai Air Manis. The maximum depth that the course is conducted for the Entry Level Surf Course is at chest level (3.5feet); the height of the waves picked for this level peaks at 1m or less.

The lagoon bottom is also covered with soft fine sand making walking a breeze on the feet.
Making the course more enjoyable, the ratio between the instructor and students are 1 to 4.

So why and when you should surf?

There are many reasons to why someone should engage themselves in a hobby or sport and the same can be said for the sport of surfing. The most apparent benefit to this sport is the health benefits.

  • Firstly, cardiovascular fitness; this is obtain from the paddling to catch a wave. 
  • Secondly, surfing can strengthen the shoulders and back on a surfer. This again is direct correlation to the paddling motion on the board in the surf. 
  • Finally in terms from a health aspect is leg and core strength.

So are you ready to surf?
With the proper guidance and coaching the sport of surfing can indeed be a sport to cherish for a long time. For the best experience and introduction it can be said that Padang, Sumatra in Indonesia can be is an ideal place to first get a feel of the exciting sport of surfing.  For a better understand and further information interested parties can contact Blue forest travel

Visit for more details or contact Mr. Gan at 012 316 8561
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