Gong xi Gong hei Fa Choyyyyyyyy 2014 #chagang

10:18:00 PM
The time and joy that I have been anticipating for is finally here. We get to convoy together to each and every one of our houses and then Huaaaaaaaat ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Wake up early and drive drive drive to the #chagang's very first house. Jessy's! Eat siu bao a bit, drink a bit then huat ahhhhhhh!

Next we had fish head noodle at taman desa for lunch and then continue to smashpop's house

Jessy was like dont touch my noooooodllllllleeeeee! Then drink some soup first. Jean pulak fufufufuuuuhh panass.....Hahaha.

At pop's house eat a bit, drink a bit, and huaat ahhhhhhhhh!

Next is my place. Enter house only huat ahhhhhhh!

We always wanted to try this together and finally we did the #hairsmile

Next we went to Azrin's house and had "lin gao" with yam. Usually we do it at Ewin's place but this time he was out of town. So we didn't take a group photo's at Azrin's.. we just see Wei wei #ootd la ok?

It was Xiang's bday the day before so we went out dinner together at BBQ Thai old klang road. Damn nice the place, got feel as though we were eating by the beach.

The gf damn on me. Haaaaaaaaaaha.

After that, go claim our very big "nai cha" at Wongkok!

Tricked him a little with a birthday cake. Ewin managed to come back in time to get a Pandora pendant and a cake.

Just noticed Bryan. Hahahaha.

It has always been fun to do this every year and we should keep it going. Huat ahhhhhhh #chagang2014
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