ChatOn is finally launched in Malaysia

1:01:00 PM
Got a privileged invite by Manoah Consulting to attend a prestigious event by Samsung's latest birth of technology, ChatOn.

It's finally here and lauched on June 28th, 2013 at Butter Factory KL.

Part of the #chagang, smashp0p, Ewin and JessylovesU.

The launch was simple and straight to the point, no draggy moments just pure entertainment. I love the fact that some of us dressed up creatively orange and the ones who won the Samsung mobile phones, I salute you. Congrats to Samuel and Aris Raphael you guys were great up there.

Met one of our long lost happening super famous blogger friend Amanda Choe who is now no longer super famous and no longer blogs *sweat* hahahaaa.

Anyway it was a great night catching up with the pool of bloggers and nevertheless with a little bit of alcohol to slow things down. Plenty of food, plenty of phones giveaway and most importantly plenty of fun!

By the way thanks for the complimentary Starbucks, it was filling and literally killed our hunger.

If you haven't already got ChatOn installed, look it up on your Appstore, marketplace, or what ever they called it these days and try out the Ani-message & Ani-ticon. It's cool!

 Find out more at Samsung's ChatOn website or their FB
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