Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kintamani Volcano, Bali

After the 2 hours long river rafting ride, we finally reached the bottom and lunch was served. First thing Zues did when he got in the car was.. ZzzzzzzzZzzzzzzz...

Next thing he knows was "Eh reach already ah?"

And so we started taking picture and Calvin got harassed by the aunties selling postcards. He bought some pretty cheap postcards from the lady.

We drove down a little bit where all the tourist was and took a few more shots before we left. It was cold there but everybody keep bugging you to buy something didn't make it pleasant at all. I love our pictures tho, its damn nice!

Next we go drink Coffee that came out of a musangs poop!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Web Wednesday - The Bic Wall

For today my favourite web would be The Bic Wall, I always think a sketchy web with blue ball point ink is creative and attractive. The feelings like your sketches on your normal buku latihan came to life. 

Select United Kingdom just in case you can't find your desire destination.

I wanted to contribute some scribbling into it but I guess I am already too late. There's already 1,769 KM ink on the canvas.

Transition of flipping pages can never get old. Back in 2009, the page flipping thing was a hit and it still is.

Come check out

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bali Day 2 - Adventure begins

.....A beautiful morning starts with a beautiful person next to you, this is the beautiful morning.

So we had breakfast from the hotel and then we (nothing much to shout about so let's skip the photo) waited for the 2 other couples, and so we camho first. Then comes our guide and the rest of the people.

Started our journey not too far away from where we stayed.We had to pay rp300,000 each to plant padi?

Haaaa not really, it's just that we had to walk all the way down to the river from the padi field.

It's a 2 and half hour ride so thanks to Zues with his portable camera we actually can has many picture. :P

Got our gears and started walking, and walking and walking and then you can see Ning's knee shaking shaking. That shows how much these guys exercised.

The ride was fun, something that I can never imagined. We stop a few places and apparently they sell..


Forward people forward the boat guide shouted, everybody was just too high... wee weee. Hahaaa.. If you ever wanna try rafting or any adventurous stuff, go stay in Ubud for a night or two. You'll love it because I did.

Checking in at D'omah, Ubud, Bali

After lunching at Kuta, we took approximately 1 hour long adventure ride to our villas. By the time we arrived, due to the rain, traffic and small little road it was already late afternoon.

This is us while waiting to check in and that's our wayan.

The room is just so so, didn't really like the marble floor as it feels dirty. As you know we Asians don't like wearing our shoes in rooms. Too bad they don't provide bedroom slippers too.

We all took about 30mins rest and then we went out to our first Spa ever in Bali. Oh ya at 6.30pm, its already dark so you can imagine how sesat (lost) we were. At 8pm it felt like its midnight already. Verona Spa seems like a very unique place, our massage room has a door but it doesn't have a wall. Meaning we can see padi field right in front of us.

After that we had simple local Indonesia food nearby. Our tour guide is pretty good at bringing us to simple and cheap local food.

We both had the local fried rice, the gf didn't really like it. Too simple kot... hahaaaa

We were exhausted from the drive so we called it a night. The next day is where the adventure begins..

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sunday Post - we are hungry!

Malioboro located nearby Bali Airport was our first meal ever in Bali. Famous with their pressurized cook chicken (ayam tulang lunak), you can actually chew and eat the bones of any chicken dishes.

We never even bothered taking images of ourselves as we were too hungry. Hence...

the food... gone!

Oh if you ever visit Bali, your local tour guide will usually bring you here. It could be a little expensive but It was okay for the 6 of us. (About RM30/person)

The food is delicious and that explains why we came back for lunch before we left Bali. More coming!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Photoshop CS6 - the first thing I did

Utterly excited about the new Adobe CS6 by Adobe SEA. Finally I've downloaded my Adobe Creative Suite 6 Golden Masters from and the very first thing that got my eye balls stuck to my LED is the splash loader with PS.

I can't stop looking at it and decided to take a snapshot and look at it forever... haaaa! I'll be sharing what's new with these great new app bundled together with Graphic, Web and Video tools.

See what's bundled in the Masters Collection here

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Smashing Book 3

....My copy of Smashing Book 3 by Smashing Magazine is finally here!

Its filled with interesting media about the web and of course I can't wait to test them out with Dreamweaver CS6. With these two combine, I think I won't want to leave my station already. Haa!

Its nice to see a familiar name printed on any publication isn't it? heeeeee!

Ok, lets go bali! Introducing the groupie Zues, Ning, Calvin, Rachel, me and the gf.

Coming up next!

Web Wednesday - Armani Code Sport

Armani Code Sport by Giorgio Armani - View it here

Another one of my favourite web which I came across. Nothing crazy or technical but I love the way each section is presented.

It has an easing effect representing each section with a cover.

Great motion effects, simple navigation and of course loving the 3D placement of every components.

Yet another wonderful flash website. Check them out.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bali, coming soon

I went Bali last week and I will share a thorough post of it. The trip was adventurous where we the six of us did water rafting, snorkeling, ate all sort of food from expensive to cheap.

Its all coming up next, stay tuned.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Post - Puma Social Dream Team

PUMA came out with an app called PUMA Social Dream Team. It's an app that calculates the user's social activities that are engaged on the facebook platform. 

I'm a VIP yo!!!

So, from the calculation it helps to identify the user's social team role. The user will automatically becomes the Captain of the PUMA Social Dream Team. There are 6 social activities (Gig Night, The Night on the Town, The Big Feast, Ten Pin Action, Bar Games and K-Night) to choose from to create the Social Dream Teams each with different Teammate roles to be filled.

Every teammate plays a different role that bonds the social team and make them unique.

Find out what type of teammate are you and start creating your dream team now! or find out more at

Go test out the app and if you did, share it and tag me under the comment box. I might just have some VIP tickets and PUMA merchandise for you.


To promote the PUMA Social Dream Team app, a series of interactive team mate photo booths will be available at 

18 May till 8 June 2012
Golden Screen Cinemas, One Utama, Bandar Utama 

18 May till 1 June 2012
The PUMA Store, Sunway Pyramid 

2 June till 13 June 2012
The PUMA Store in Suria KLCC  

The Finale - 8 June till 14 June 2012
The Beer Factory, Sunway Giza.  

You're all welcome to take picture at the photo booth!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Web Wednesday - Toyota Vision

JuxtInteractive, another well known interactive agency within the field came out with something interesting back in 2011.

Until today this little interactive wall still amazes me.

What do you think?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Watch Tomtom exercersize

While i'm away, my little maltese shall entertain you for a day or two.

This is Tomtom working out.

With a little bit of help, haaa!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Going away for a week

I will be away on the 14th - 18th May 2012. If you need me drop me an email at or, I shall reply when ever I can.

Also if possible, I'll do a sneak preview of my absence. Be good.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Miss Hong Kong and Tallest Women in Hong Kong

These two just touch down KL and first thing she say was, "Ko Mui" its in town!

"Bring me eat at alor and i want go shopping at sangwang. I also want white coffee"
I bet you she meant sg. wang and there's uncountable old town everywhere which she fail to find.

So Jln Alor it is. I proposed sting ray and they went "sting ray can eat wan meh? Is it illegal? I thought they are extinct"...

errr.. eat only lah!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Web Wednesday - Montessy

....I'm starting a brand new trend on my blog call Web Wednesday where I'll feature some brilliant looking web base not only on design but interesting navigation system and interactivity as well. Many has moved away from flash websites but hey the world don't only run on iPads and iPhones ya.

site :

I think this site has great combination of large videos with great motion graphic effect and mouth watering photo shoots.

Creativity bringing life into Montessy's web with a pinch of fine arts. I love the execution style here.

Everything seems so graphical and where is the interactivity? Reveal your power baby!

This site has all the great points from good design, great motion graphics, and not forgetting interesting navigation concept.