Bali Day 2 - Adventure begins

9:34:00 PM
.....A beautiful morning starts with a beautiful person next to you, this is the beautiful morning.

So we had breakfast from the hotel and then we (nothing much to shout about so let's skip the photo) waited for the 2 other couples, and so we camho first. Then comes our guide and the rest of the people.

Started our journey not too far away from where we stayed.We had to pay rp300,000 each to plant padi?

Haaaa not really, it's just that we had to walk all the way down to the river from the padi field.

It's a 2 and half hour ride so thanks to Zues with his portable camera we actually can has many picture. :P

Got our gears and started walking, and walking and walking and then you can see Ning's knee shaking shaking. That shows how much these guys exercised.

The ride was fun, something that I can never imagined. We stop a few places and apparently they sell..


Forward people forward the boat guide shouted, everybody was just too high... wee weee. Hahaaa.. If you ever wanna try rafting or any adventurous stuff, go stay in Ubud for a night or two. You'll love it because I did.
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