Christmas Eve Dinner @ Sunway Hotel

12:20:00 AM
Every year there's christmas eve dinner but this year it is a little different. I was invited to join the girlfie and family for dinner at Sunway Hotel.

The table setting with cute little balloon floating tied on each seats.

We quickly pick our seats and #selfca a little bit before making our rounds.

I started with something easy to the stomach. Salad with a crumbs and smoked salmon. They served the entire fish so you gotta peal it off nicely or else its gonna look ugly whoever is after me. Haha.

Then the nasty stuff begins. Turkey and Beef. Everything was good but if only they have those minty sauce for the roasted turkey, that would be lovely.

Not forgetting my own favourite, Pizza!

We sat there for 4 hours just chatting and eating away. It was a great night.

We went over to Joanne's for some light booze after that. Too bad i am feeling a little under the weather AGAIN!...

Hope you guys had a great Christmas. Cheers!
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