Loving today

12:38:00 AM
A sneaky plan by the GF is as sneaky it could ever get.

A well coordinated plan over a month and it finally paid off. I've got no idea and wasn't expecting anything at all. We went to Jarrod & Rawlins for dinner which the gf only told me the moment i pick her up.

Ordered and while eating half way, the waiter came and say .. "Sir you have a surprise at the back, and when I look back... itsssssss the gangggggggggg"

Thank you guys, I deeply appreciate it.

Nonetheless the man behind the cake. Xiang you are actually pretty good with cakes. He made me a Dragonfruit Cake. It's pretty good and just like smashp0p said it, its like from a restaurant itself.

Love you guys. Thank you.

Sept 9, 2012.
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