Laguna Seca Blue, E46

11:24:00 PM
This is one of my best achievements so far. Imagine coming from a background without any financial support, at 26 I bought my very own BMW. Working hard will definately pay off, trust me I've been there.

3 years down the road I realize my current topaz blue is getting a little boring. It's still a rare colour because you don't see much on the road compares to the white and black, but I wanted something new and fresher.

#Day 1 - The first day and the last day of this colour.

#Day 2 - Works begin by scraping, sand papering and touching up slight dents from other not so responsible drivers who loves opening their doors as wide as they possible can at the car park.

#Day 3 - More touching up on dents and sand papering. The car looks a little off right now but its super smooth.

#Day 4 - 6 : In order for the colour to shine, we must first at a coating to cover the old colour.

Time to finalize the colour. The one on the left may look better but the colour is pretty flat and filled with silver dots however the one on the right.. could look like.. ermm robert pattinson under the sun. Haha the best way to describe this.

#Day 9 - Second layer of coating would be ideal for a perfect colour

#Day 10 - 17 : From here on is the touching up, and fine tuning and then comes the colour. The original Laguna seca blue looks less shinier and mine is added with custom silver pearl stones. In order for that effect to take place, first a solid colour are sprayed evenly and before it dries up.

#Day 23 - The Final Outcome... one word.. sexy.

I'm pretty happy with the colour, it's different. I've learned that very few models in the US M3 has this colour originally painted by BMW. Now there is one in Malaysia.

Total damage : RM 4,300
- including : colour under the hood and boot

BMW colour code :  448 Laguna Seca  Blue Standard Blue 51 91 0 026 069
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