We can shower in 3 different places at Tony's Villa.

10:28:00 PM
So after a fun and crazy time at Ubud, we drove back to civilization. Kutaaaaaa! Ok a little off track, we stayed at Seminyak, Tony's Villa. It's about 30mins away from Kuta. Approximately 20km away however the traffic is bad so that explains the time spent on the road.

So here we are, was greeted with a nice local fruit juice while we check-in. The darling pulak berposing.

Next, let's see how does the villa looks like shall we?

Believe me, this room is cheaper than the one at Ubud and it is way better.

The dressing table is located where the little entrance you see on the right of the top picture.

On the right is where the loo is but its nothing fancy so let's move to shower room number 1...

And here we go, shower room 2 and 3.. Shower room number 3 has a little open air space on top. If you want to bath with the rain water, you can too! Wuuuuuuuuu! So if you ever go to Bali, you must stay at Tony's Villa. You can do wonders with their shower room. Believe me what ever you are thinking,... we tried it. Haaaaaaaaaaaaha!

Heading out to the little town after this..
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