Dinner at Dulang Cafe, Kuta

11:13:00 PM
After a couple of hours rest we decided to come out a little earlier and take shots of our surrounding. Tony's Villa has got great poolside view that blends very well with nature. Even the gf looks like a tropical fruit punch.

It took us about 30-45 minutes just to get from Seminyak to Kuta. Oh bare in mind it was about 20km away only. So our guide dropped us off and we walked by the busy street.

We were food hunting and found this pretty looking restaurant called Dulang. Decided to give it a go since we were all hungry.

The gf had fried rice and it was pretty good. The gravy made it delicious and even Calvin made an extra order of the fried rice. I guess it was too tempting. Give and take it's like our nasi goreng paprik.

I had enough of local food, so just went with a simple western food. We then walked around after dinner and of course, shop shop shop!

After this, we head back to chill at Potato Heads. .. coming up.
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