Babi Guling, Medan

8:47:00 PM
Let's continue with my adventure at Bali. One good thing is our tour guide eats pork! So he brought us to the night market to eat Babi Guling. I don't think it is one of the best here but we wanted to see the life of the locals.

So this is like our nasi kandar but the only difference is, we are served with all sort of parts from the pig itself.

She plugs parts out of the pig and serve it on the plate just like that. The skin is crunchy so she cracks them out and serve it altogether. I guess i'm not as adventurous as I were when I was younger, the flies and the looks of it kinda took me off. I only ate a few part of the pork. Luckily we shared. Then again it depends on individuals because Calvin ate the whole thing and wanted one more.

Then we moved on to Bakso. This is famous and its a must try. We all shared one bowl coz we were still full. I had the most of it. Was still hungry, tee heee!

Ok next lunch by the padi field. Damn goooooooood!
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