When TOMTOM Meets Mo

1:25:00 PM
More images of the new baby's baby's baby. I've got 3 babies to take care of now. Explains everything haaa!

This is the first time our family adopted 2 doggies at one time. We did pretty good with Mo so we decide to take on another responsibility. From the day Tomtom came home, he thinks that MO is his toy. He keeps chasing after him everytime he wakes up.

The only time MO has a little bit of time off is when TOMTOM sleeps... not to worry coz he sleeps for 3 hours, gets up for 10 minutes and chase after MO and then 3 hours of sleep again. Pretty good for MO's diet plan.

So far the both of them is doing great, MO is like his big brother. Hopefully MO shows a good role model besides being too fat lar k!.. haaaa!

Tomtom getting his 3 hours sleep again. Gonna get his puppy haircut this weekend.. weeeee!
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