Sunday Post - Testing out my Puma FAAS 300

12:17:00 PM
....So I decided to take my PUMA FAAS 300 to the test.

Went to Sunday Pyramid for the Puma FAAS Finale (technically it is still on right now, do drop by as today is the last day)

So we have to step as FAAS as your can on the LED dance floor when your brick comes to you.

I think with my FAAS 300, i did pretty good lah! It's light, comfortable and easy to move. Go try one on and play the game. Oh and you'll be given a RM20 voucher if you do. So before you buy your FAAS shoes, play the game for the voucher ya! Win or lose you'll get one.

And if you are a little shy, drag your friend with you as this game can go up to 4 players at one time.

Well what are you waiting for, go try and get one out today! Or like NOW before it all ends today at Sunway Pyramid, just next to New Zealand ice cream. (one floor below PUMA outlet)

Happy Sunday!
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