Toyota Prius C

9:14:00 PM
It has been a great pleasure to have worked with such respective and not forgetting the market pioneer of automobile Toyota. Cruz Events is honoured to represent such an esteemed organization to organize an event for them.

This was taken at Alamanda's roadshow.

The pretty Toyota girls throughout the roadshow, and it's not a visual effect they really are. Next to it the cute little orange bug is the latest Prius C. Imagine how much a smaller compact Hybrid car can save?

It does work, I guess U should look into one of these too since it's good for everyday driving right? I think the girls answered me already.

Do-Re-Mi goes
Whaaaatt?!?! I wanna be the first to sit..
Yeaaaaahhh I just wanna do this all the way in the car...
It would be so cool my face will be blown off its cover.
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