FLYFM's Paranoid Activities - Week 3

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Its the third and final week of FLYFM's Paranoid Activity!
This happened on the 5th of April 2012 and its called
FLYFM's Dark Room Challenge
Initial amount was at RM9,000. Our participant Mar Izwan Marzuki bidded for RM2,442.

His tasks was to retrieve 5 copies of New Straits Time newspaper from a small and dark room alone without any light source. Not even a tiny hole of light source.

He was blind folded and blasted with loud music through his ears without knowing what was going on. He was escorted to the lobby of Sri Pentas to the FlyFM's office balcony where a little dark room or should we say their "store room" is located. Haa!

His blind fold and earphone was taken off immediately after he stepped into the dark room.

As a result, he managed to retrieve only 2 copies and RM200 was deducted. So he went home with RM2,142. Not too bad lar right?

Challenge #2 of the day

FLYFM's Read the Coaster
The challenger Lee Ian Ho bidded for RM 2,649 to ride a roller coaster at berjaya times square and he has to read 100words of articles from the News Straits Times.

Later on he will be asked 5 questions and if he fails to answer each questions, RM100 will be deducted.

Ian is afraid of roller coasters so it makes it really difficult for him to read. He quickly read the paper before the coaster plunges down on the first drop.

After the 2 minutes ride, he got off and took a few seconds to recover. Haaa.

He managed to asnwer 2 and half questions right only. So he went home with RM2,399 instead.

...the following day
FLYFM's Iron Stomach

Our participant Lim Yee Pee bidded for RM887.99 to eat
5 roti canai's
2 mini bitter gourd
1 block of butter
1 bowl of dahl
1 bowl of chicken curry
and she has 15minutes to do so.

Starting bid was at RM9,000. So here she goes!

Unfortunately she did not manage to finish everything with the bigger gourd and 1 and half roti canai left. She walked home with nothing. Poor girl. Oh well she said the roti canai was already cold so its hard to eat. I understand how that feels.

...and the following day
FLYFM's Cross Over

Loh Seh Yung bidded RM 7,199 to walk across the flaming charcoal. He was given all the time he has to convinced himself to walk over the coal.

The bid started at RM15,000. So he went on the coal the first round and halfway he jumped off because the asbestos broke.

Second attempt - with confidence he walked over in 5 steps and got through the flaming charcoal!

He took the money home however St. John's had to put him on the stretcher as his feet was full of blisters. Poor guy. Oh well at least he is RM7,199 richer!

Challenge #2
FLYFM's Roaches Shower

Afiq Al-Yafii bidded RM3,299.99 to sit inside a cube for 5 minutes with giant cockroaches! Ahhhhh....

Starting bid was at RM15,000 also! He put on the ear plugs, goggles and went into the cube.

Well.. here comes the roaches!

Because it was so hot that day, the roaches was dying to look for shelter. The roaches all crawled under him in a matter of seconds.

Well he made it, stayed in there for 5 minutes and shivering and sweating.

Challenge #3
FLYFM's Mission Improbably - Maggot Protocol

Ivan came all the way from Ipoh to sleep with maggots. He bidded RM4,998 out of RM15,000.

So as he lied down on the coffin, the FlyFM crew took aquarium after aquarium of maggots and spill it all over Ivan's body.

His wife was motivating and cheering for him as he struggles from the pain. Maggots or they call them the super worms do BITE!

He has to sleep with the maggots for 5 minutes while at it, the FLYFM crew challenged him to sleep with another 5 giant roaches for RM500. He said, i'm already sleeping with maggots lets go!

So he made it with RM5,500 (2 ringgit bonus lah)..

That concludes the FLYFM's paranoid activity challenge. It has been great witnessing the crazy stuff people would do, not for money but to challenge themselves. Congratulations to all who tried this challenging activity and thank you FLYFM for this great moment to see this beforehand.

You can see all the Paranoid activities video from day 1 here
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