Hot Bowl Penang

9:20:00 PM
So as soon as Alvin picked us up, he brought us to our very first pit stop... Hot bowl. Oh by the way Alvin was our tour guide for the day and I can say a damn good one! Not only the food is good, it is also very hard to pay for. Everything is paid before they arrive on the table. Owe you one buddy.

Don't ask me where it is, I was only the passenger and since I don't have to drive I didn't bother looking at roads. Woohoo for once I don't have to drive!

Ok so this is the curry mee, and you'll probably go why the heck is this thing white in colour? That's because you have to add the chilly yourself.

Tadaaaaa! Apparently you can't just eat the curry mee without steam chicken!

So here is the yummy chicken. Ahh shoooooooo gooooood! double O .. G goooooddddd!

Of course how can we go without introducing our friends in Penang. Meet Alvin and Joanne.

More food fooood fooooood!
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