Advertise your paid post and your blog!

9:44:00 PM
Let's help your client by sending traffic to your paid posting. Huh?

I think it's time we pay our fellow advertisers by driving traffic to the post you wrote for them.
Why? For the same reason why the advertisers paid you to blog about them, just that you are helping them to get their messages delivered wider and of course at the same time getting traffic to your blog.

How? i have the answer or rather has the answer. delivers genuine readers to a direct URL given by yourself. So if your blogpost for a client is then submit that entire link.

Of course don't give us your ads serving on the side of your blog. That would just be cheating and getting your account suspended. We do it the right way ya?

Find a package that suits you, or that is within your budget. RM55 isn't a lot nor little but seeing it as an added value to give back to your advertisers, i think that's a stone for 2 isn't it?

Go see further at and i suggest to go with 3 months. Cheaper ma... and bare in mind this is not a signed monthly subscription program. It expires every month and if you don't reload, it won't run.

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