The 2012 PETRONAS Motorsports Showcase

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...I was at the Petronas Motorsports 2012 showcase yesterday at KLCC and let me walk you through with what you will see and can do there..

First watch my epic video of xiangcool and smashpop's face when they first saw what was about to happen... haa!

Fun wasn't it? Has it got your heart pumping yet? Ok so what's next is the "Speed of Sound" challenge. You may visit to play or play it at the back of the merchandise counter.

So here it goes -- that's me doing the "hrrrmmmmmmmmm, pause, hrrrmmmmmmmm, pause, hrmmmmmmmm.. changing gears maaa.."

The emcee also got excited started punching and pinching my face, I must have look pretty funny while doing the expressions. .. haaaaa! Kidding. She was just pointing the mic on me.

As a result, I did pretty well and won myself a..

Formula 1 car... Ok i'm just pulling your leg, I don't think Petronas Motorsport is giving the car away but they are giving great merchandises daily. My score was 19 seconds per lap. Come challenge me! I dare you!

So.. referring to merchandises, You can check out some of their latest 2012 collection at the KLCC concourse too!

View  the merchandise online before hand at first before you head down to the Petronas Twin Towers to get your desired merchandise.

Other attractions - on the Filharmonik entrance, you can see 2 formula 1 cars suspended above the ground. (guy jumping is not included)

Last but not least, me and was there to witness a great event by PETRONAS Motorsports. Thank you for the great experience and was great talking to Ms. Anita over dinner.

Event Details:
Venue : Suria KLCC, main concourse (picture above)
Date : 17th - 25th March 2012

For more info on motorsports@PETRONAS or Formula 1, check these links out:

Corporate site:
Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team:
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