Laksa hunting

2:10:00 PM
The next day started off with food hunting, oh wait every time we in Penang the only thing we do first is laksa. So laksa it is..

This laksa place is the famous one near kek lok si temple however the locals no longer come here. Most probably because all tourists or none locals eats here and so the gravy became diluted

The wifey mentioned that sugar canes are actually quite dirty because they are usually placed next to the drain or inside, yucky come to think about it. But hey we had sugar cane 0.o` *sweat*

This is us while waiting for our bowl of laksa.

How it tasted?
Not really diluted but the whole bowl is filled with vegetables. The noodles was just too little, but then again we are here to eat just a little bit right?

Now you see, now you don't! Finished with left over veges.

More laksa coming soon!

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