Gong Xi Fa Cai 2012

10:41:00 PM
"Bai Nin" or visiting has never been this fun for a long long time. Its visiting time to your house, his house, and my house.

First we went to smashp0p's place.  He prepared lunch for us, wowww.. (domino's pizza). Cheh.

It's in our nature to receive red packets and play a small round of poker. Next is my place.

So it was from Bukit Jalil, to Subang, to Ampang and then back to PJ. Fuhhh it's like up and down up and down but it was a fun convoy. Next is Bryan's place.

Bryan's mom was super "Ong" also mean lucky. She won quite a few rounds of poker. Bryan did pretty well himself at the end. Next is Ewin's house.

The game changed, they played "in between". It look pretty fun but i had to run early to my bosses place  at mont kiara. Every year Ewin's mum will make this cute little dish and we all loved it each time.

This year's chinese new year has been fun and it is still on for another 8 days. I had so much fun visiting houses with these guys and never had so many "ang paos" for a few years already. I am liking this year, the year of the dragon!

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