Doing the OverTime

10:26:00 AM
Working overtime in Penang or maybe not, haha!

When everybody goes, OMG your doing OT? I'd say, hell yeah to overtime! do this OverTime that is, haha! Anyway Sirens Media did a lou sang with fellow bloggers at Wisma Fiamma (Opposite Kepong Tesco) and of course free flow of beer all night long.

They were greeted by "Choy San Yeh" (God of Prosperity) upon arriving at the entrance.

So what they did?

Lou sang together with loads of properity of course! Anybody bought the lottery after that? Got kena ah?

This is Yee Ing, and knowing that OverTime is famous with their Starker beer she had one mug of good solid beer.. or maybe more o.O'

So now you know why Yee Ing had more than one mug. Haha. Visit the OverTime branch at  Wisma Fiamma (Opposite Kepong Tesco) and don't let this promotion go by you. Hurry! Its that time of the year again, Gong Hei Fatt Choy OverTime. Wishing you "sang yee heng long"

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