United Buddy Bears, Kuala Lumpur

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Yesterday early morning we've got invited by the lovely buddy bears around 140 of them saying "COME SEE MEE". Since they came all the way from Berlin, we should take a day off and see them. Then again, the main attraction is our very own Malaysia Buddy Bear.. fuhhyoh!

Some of you may have already heard about them but I don't think you know how does the Malaysia version looks like eh? Well lets scroll down for more...

Tadaaaaaa! Then again it wasn't officially launched yet. So we all wonder around Pavilion, KL and started looking at each and every buddy bears. They are all creatively painted by designers from around the world base on their native country.

That's us, bryan, samantha, jason and meself. Oh oh guess what, we were given a free little version of Buddy Bear! You can get them at RM70 or the bigger one around RM300++. It's for charity ya!

Moving on, we were also entertained by our very own symphony that actually played "wong fei hung". Super cool!

The Buddy Bears stand together “hand in hand”, symbolising the future vision of a peaceful world. Each bear stands for the people of the different countries and their culture, yet not for political systems.

This is us! There are approximately 143 buddy bears right in front of Pavilion, KL right now. I won't want to show you all of them because what is the fun of it? Go there and take a picture like how our Tan Sri's and Dato did below.

Not forgetting our very own smashpop did it too! He also wanted the VIPs to do what he did below but it wasn't appropriate lah!

Anyway here it goes, our very own Buddy Bear that stands 2m tall (actually the same as all the rest lah but it sounded more specific)

Which is also the only buddy bear that is smiling. Watch out for the smile!

It was a good day at Pavilion yesterday, the weather was fantastic with a little droplets of rain made it as tho it was snowing.

Well done and thanks andrew for bringing the bears home to us!

Owh pavilion_kl saw us too! Woot! Last but not least the bears are going to be with us until February 2012. So go take a picture over the weekend, weekday, at night anytime! And have some fun with your friends and families around them.

Understand more about buddybears at http://www.buddy-baer.com/
Or you can contact the man who brought the bears back andrew@eplus.com.my

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