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2 weeks back Bell invited me over to check out what she has been up to lately. Nothing much.. besides opening her second outlet of Back To Nature that produces natural organic or wild grown finest flower and plant essence to its highest standards.

98% of their raw materials are imported from producers that are employ earth friendly and sustainable harvesting practice.

The interior itself is natural friendly, not to mention the recycle paper bags. The girlfriend bought a RM99 scar removal for her sister after delivering her baby, hope that went well.

And as for being such a dear friend, bell gave me a whole lot of product to use. Her mom specially hand picked all of these out just for my sensitive skin. Mainly acne.

Above, is the natural floral water skin tonic. I am suppose to use this whenever my complexion feels dry and tired. I usually use it when I wake up and before I sleep and of course after using.. (products below)

The Spanish Almond Honey & Oatmeal butter soap. According to Bell's mom this is suitable for oily skin and of course getting rid of my acne. Been using it for 2 weeks now and so far it has been kind to my face. I still got 1 or 2 pimples popping out but it is because of the late night sleep and the year end stress. 

So please avoid those 2 draining method to a successful acne production. Haha.

The unique benefits of their cold Crafted® Soap is:-
• Traditional Handmade “Cold” Process
• Retains the Best in the Natural Ingredients
• Uniquely Gentle Creamy Lather
• Biodegradable and Environmentally Safe
• No Animal Tested

My ultimate favourite, Artic Blast -  the body and massage oil. You can oil yourself but if you can get somebody else to help you with it, its heaven.

Their products are produced fresh in small batches and to be finish in a short period of time due to no chemical preservation to ensure their customer’s health and safety.

Their products does not contain “harmful chemical” or ‘’pollutants’’ such as:
SLS or SLES ~ Foaming Agent (That highly cause breast cancer after long term of usage)
EDC ~ Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
EDTA & PARABEN ~ Preservative
PETROCHEMICALS ~ Widely use in commercial detergent products

You may locate their outlet at The Mines shopping Mall and VIVA Home Mall 1st floor Fashion Bazaar.

Visit and do like their FaceBook page.

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