Sunway Lagoon with the Harimau

8:23:00 PM
gosh it has been so hectic and busy these days. trying to make a living and perhaps a better living isn't easy at all. Coping to the lifestyle these days is just treacherous, I can no longer predict whats coming and going.

anyway complaining is good according to the radio.

Its time to get away from the realistic world and enter the fantasy dream where we get to see animals that we don't usually see, carriages that doesn't really exists..

This is us posing right before we rode the ferris wheel. We both were dreaming about this for a while.

While we were taken for a ride, that sounded so cheesy... anyway we were looking at the map like a lost tourist. No doubt its only Sunway Lagoon but its hot and we must plan our way through. Haha.. Im not complaining, she is.

It's so nice to see something that you don't see everyday. Like a tiger perhaps.

Moving on to the next post where we shall see more of Sunway Lagoon's animal and rides.

Stay put. .. actually the picture baby sent is corrupted so that's all i've got until now. Ha! do wait up.

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