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Do you know that you can achieve slimmer face and firmer skin in just 3 minutes a day? With a cordless and waterproof handheld Facial Static Roller, one can enjoy a facial massage while soaking in the bath by simply charging it for an hour and it can be used for a week… everybody say wowwww!

Haha, so I was invited to witness a great launch by Panasonic Malaysia last week 18th Nov 2011 with a great bunch of bloggers.


Let us pray and thank Panasonic for the warm welcome and of course the kind gesture and a very mouth watery buffet dinner at The Spread, Gardens Hotel.

We chatted excitedly of what was going to happen right after Tiffany had her huge piece of oyster. Haha.

We then proceed to Vertigo where the event was held.

A picture please? This is obviously a must when your see pretty Panasonic bloggers of the night.

With a loud sensation of the state of the art sound system, everybody got their attention to the stage because…

The managing director Mr. Jeff Lee approaches and flashes one of the eight product which was launched that night.

The great Pocket Doltz Sonic Toothbrush that uses sonic vibration to produce 16,000 brush-strokes a minute, polishing one’s teeth is much more efficient than manual brushing.

The launch gimmick was truly beautiful! When all the five magical balls is placed, the latest products of Panasonic emerges.

Follow on with the talents showing off the brand new products that you see in the shelves right now!

1) Nanocare Facial Steamer EH-2473 RM1,499.00
2) Facial Static Roller EH-SP30 RM599.90
3) Pore Cleanser EH-2513 RM179.00
4) Eyelash Curler EH-2351P RM49.00
5) Pocket Doltz Sonic Toothbrush EW-DS11 RM99.00
6) Nanocare Hair Dryer EH-2271 RM399.00
7) Multi-Styling Hair Straightener EH-HW51 RM229.90
8) Epilator ES-WD88 RM429.90

The crowd got so excited and started taking pictures of them.

The night didn’t just end like that, we were surprised with performances too!

Please visit and look for all the new range of products comprise of Nanocare Facial Steamer, Facial Static Roller , Pore Cleanser, Eyelash Curler , Pocket Doltz Sonic Toothbrush, Nanocare Hair Dryer, Multi-Styling Hair Straightener  and Epilator.

I got home with a few products and excitedly tested both the Doltz Sonic Toothbrush and the Epilator…

I guess if it could work well on me, it could work well on anyone! Quickly get yours today.

All great products are by Panasonic Malaysia, ideas for life.

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