It's a what I want day.

12:04:00 AM
Today is my birthday, yup September 9.
I'm sure we are human and we are all greedy. Muahaha. I want 2 things.

1# A house
Some of us are not that lucky, but I sometime do wish that my parents is rich or at least could help the children with getting a home. Coming back to reality this is the one thing that I am working for.

2# A birthday gift for myself for you
The one thing in life I have never done before is buying a gift for myself for another. I never wanted anything so when you ask me what I want, I would say nothing. The things that I want is either ridiculously hilarious or something that I have to get it on my own referring to wish number #1.

A moment with love is the greatest gift of all and you already had fulfill my birthday wish. Thank you baby.

Last but not least, thank you Jaclyn and Daphne for a wonderful gift which you didn't really have to. I appreciate it heaps!
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