Char Kuey Teow at Lorong Selamat

9:49:00 PM
My all time favourite everytime I wake up from a hotel. Wafflesssssss, egggggssss and cofffffeeeeee! Which then leads to toilet and poo pooings.

Anyway the fried kuey teow from the hotel is first class. Like seriously!

When the breakfast is complete, I met up with this pretty babe for the original fried kuey teow at the very over rated place at lorong selamat. Then again, the chinese sausage fried together and the huge prawns is rather tempting.

We were seated like 3 feet away from where they cook and the old aunty saw me walking there and said "Give me your table number", I was like huh? Its just there but she insisted for a number. She wins, never mess with the cook or anybody close to the cook.

We waited 45minutes for this.

Yummy food is like fine dining, if you don't like it go eat somewhere else or something like that.

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