Sunset with love, Damai Laut

10:42:00 PM
The next day we did all sort of stuff from having a big breakfast with a bunch of friendly flies and wanting to poo but the lovely slowing down my journey towards the washroom. Haha of course that's not the exciting part, we did canoeing.

Canoeing was fun because I sat behind so Jessy wouldn't know if I don't paddle. I just go "1, 2 , 3 PADDLE!" Teeheeee!

After that we did archery. Boy that was fun! A little competition between us and sis+rizal team. We both were natural robin hood and xena warrior.

When that was done we rest a little bit and the rest was alllllllllllll loveeeeeeeee..... with

This one of the best, got potential :P

Oh sorry rancangan tergendala for a while. This is sexy Rizal

This was a short little romantic sunset journey with love and of course not forgetting my sis and rizal. I never had a boat ride like this before so this is definitely my first.

More to come next.

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