Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Discover Malacca

After lunch we went jalan jalan like some tourist sesat. I guess the last time I came to Malacca was 7 years ago. Nothing much has changed since then.. dot dot..

If the weather was cold, it would have been a perfect walk. Oh me and sis, we were sweating like pigs. The weather was insanely hot, craziness.

While it was hot and all, I still managed to do some killer posing by the train. Haha.

While aunt and sis was busy taking photos here and there, i realize the propeller looks kinda cool so "ji jak here and there"

Then my aunt bought a drawing from a guy inside the fort. Pretty neat sketch.

Omg this is the Istana Melaka, if you are not a historical person like me... this place will kill you! My aunt likes those stuff in there though.

Took quite a few pictures but none of them excites me so no need to show lah ok? Fast forwardddddddd... and we went straight to the nearby mall.

OMG!! Aircond!! Starbucks!! Coffee! OMG!