Tong Sui with crazy people

8:50:00 PM
Hong Kong continues...

After dinner we decided to walk a little bit at the night market and then went off for tong sui at Causeway Bay. We took a cab to the nearest station.

I really like their MTR trains. Clean, windy, civilize, fast and efficient. Agnes, Ponnie and Daphne possing all the way.

As soon as we got there, Daphne said "Hey I want a photograph of the phone booth". Ermm.. Ok.

Finally I met up with the rest of the pack. This is Lun and everybody calls her the tall girl. Why? Because shes really really tall! And I am actually standing on top of the curb.

Always love a great group shot. Can't wait for another one. Sometime nearer I hope!

This is Emil! I love the way he dresses up. According to Daphne, he is so Hong Kong street style! I do agree actually and the way he talks is super duper hilarious. Can laugh the whole night with this fellow.

That's Lun, playing with my camera again. Super poser this women.

Awww look, the little one is finally tired. Ok ok and we headed back to our hotel. The rest of the pack went out for drinking somewhere. I'll join you guys the next round.

A brand new day next!
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