2 years of great experience

10:17:00 AM
It has been with me for a long 25 months and I never had one for such a long time before. This little buddy served me well and probably saved my life many times. Not only that it made new friends for me as well here and there.

Due to the fact that it has lower capabilities than the blackberry now, the blackberry storm 1 has its strong points to me in someways. I bet the blackberry storm 3 will definitely impress me.

To those who have me in Blackberry Messenger, I guess it didn't manage to update the status to "I'm changing to an iPhone now". It's probably still the same "Extraordinary way"... but I like that though.

Some said that I should put my storm to rest because where ever I am, i'm always on my phone talking to someone. Actually I was bbm'ing most of the time with Jessy and everybody noticed, the self giggling help made it to the highscore chart.

It was worth it.

... and now the new story begins

Hello iPhone.

For those who voted, thank you and lets just say the majority has won the vote.

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