Petronas F1 Tech Inspired Fuel - PRIMAX EXTRA RON95

9:29:00 AM
A new fuel engineered for the F1 technology is now ready for our cars this 10th April 2011

Will the petrol be the similar Ron95 or Ron97 or the current Primax petrol being improvised or perhaps a new name and a relaunch?

Could it be a fuel with better performance that cleans your engine and could it be lower than the market fuel price of RM1.90?

Petronas nationwide did a promotion yesterday at 5.30pm to 8.30pm so be the first to experience it today!

As you can see, I've tested it out and its the RON95 that has been upgraded and with a little extra of Ompphh! meaning acceleration and better fuel economy (that should mean more KMs!) Go test it out at your  nearest Petronas now! and it's still going at RM 1.90

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