Nagomi Valentines Lover's Bento

10:21:00 PM
Every time when  you look at a brochure or the menu, the pictures are usually over exaggerated. In this scenario it is the other way round. The picture is nice but wait till you see the real thing. I am here and I have visited Nagomi. Invitation credit goes to Feeq, Debbie Wong & the Nagomi team.
So before everybody got there we were catching up with all the familiar faces.

The interior is rather cozy, peaceful and quiet. I like it that way, makes your food easier to enjoy.

..and the moment of truth the Lover's Bento.

going at RM99/bento and only available from 11 Feb 2011 to 14 Feb 2011

I believe that Nagomi is over generous with the portion. I couldn't finish everything. Perhaps I could be a small eater but its good enough for me.

The Chinese New Year Yee Sang is back! This would be my first yee sang and it shall not stop as the date gets closer to CNY. Oh this is pack with sashimi! Usually i don't get to eat any but simply put your chopsticks in there and you'll catch one.

The set is going for RM48 for 2pax and RM88 for 6 pax

Last but not least, desssssseerrt!

If you got no where to go for Valentines, Nagomi is one suggestion. Go ahead and make your early reservation.

*Only available at these 2 outlets:

Nagomi Jaya33  – 03-7956 2330
Nagomi Hap Seng – 03-2141 6332
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