Sunday, May 30, 2010

BlupBlupMY & EspresSOUP thank you

I can say 90% of you guys who were invited came! We really appreciate your presence there. Wish you guys in the best of luck with BlupBlup's program!

For those of you who have not heard about us, Visit - Follow @blupblupMY or for the excited bloggers you can sign-up at

If its not too much to ask, feel free to badge yourself with this

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Robynn Yip

I really admire raw footages like this. It make you feel like you are special in your own way. As long as you are human, you can do it too! Not necessarily have to be singing ya, anything and everything.

This is Robynn Yip, shes got a sweet voice. I like! Especially the ambient of her home, it feels cozy and soothing. With her voice altogether, it gives satisfaction with great emotions. Oh look at her facial expressions, cute!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BlupBlup & EspresSoup is buying lunch!

As a token of appreciation, blupblupMY is buying its bloggers lunch!

If you are going, I'll see you there!

If you haven't got the invitation, quickly sign up now as the seats are pretty limited!

Go and register yourself this instance!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Post - Fun cooling day

My weekend was awesome! Tired but it is definitely worth it. Met a few great people and a few pretty looking people as well. I like!

Joanne Yeoh - an awesome violinist

Sexy and naughty dance troops.

and some Pretty people!

Owh I guess I should be posting this up soon, really soon. Hold on to your horses ya!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Coming Up : Jamie Liew's Pink Party

Due to the fact that I am a little bit busier than usual, my rancangan will be tergendala for the time being but don't miss out on Jamie Liew's pink party which is coming up shortly.

Shortly doesn't mean now ya. Tee hee!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Post - Chilling

This is another relaxing weekend, getting what I should before the next hectic day begins.

How was yours?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Project Mo

Mo is usually extremely happy over the weekends. He knows that we don't have to work and we can spend time with him. Yup he is right, time well spend!

Cutest thing ever living under our home.

Nothing feels better than lying down on a cold wooden floor.

Mo found himself a new toy, but of course I grabbed it right before he could chew on it.

If he licks your face, that means he likes you and he wants to be friends with you.

Mo looks out over the window and I wonder what he sees...

Mo really changed our lives, he made my parents laugh almost every single day. A furry little thing that pounces on you every time we come home from work.

Enough said, he wants to turn off the camera and unleashed his fury. What fury? Probably go poop somewhere. Hee.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Apple Magic Mouse for Sale - Cheap! SOLD***

First thing first, my blackberry storm is back and alive! Apparently the screen has gave way and replaced with a new one for RM290.

Back to the topic, I am selling my MagicMouse which I bought barely a month ago. Reason being my hand is just too blardy large, it should have stuck a note saying for women only!

The actual cost for the MagicMouse is RM229, you can check in any Machine shop and i am willing to let it go at RM180 (email me if interested

As everybody knows, i keep my gadget well and this little baby is sitting quietly together with my nikon family. So grab it before somebody else does! Cheers!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mo and I

Mo is gonna show you his best of behavior tomorrow.

We shall be back!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Post - CK one

Had some time to myself over the weekend. Wanted to spoil myself with a relaxing massage but unfortunately I couldn't find the place recommended by my sister. So I decided to drive to Subang Parade and walk around.

Managed to get my dad and myself a new Polo Tee and 70% discount sounds just about right!

I walked passed the perfume area and suddenly CK One reminds me of my olden days. When I was 14, my sister used to work with the perfume shop at Isetan. I never had the money to buy so she brings me back bottles of CK One testers. I collected them and eventually it filled up my little perfume bottle.

This is just so cliche.

It reminded me so much of the olden days.

Work hard, be humble, listen to advices and decides whether to keep it or not -simonso

Happy Mothers Day.

Friday, May 7, 2010

New Media Project

Something interesting I am willing to share during my college days at The One Academy. It was one of our final major project which involve crazy lingo scripting! That brings the software Macromedia Director. - I wonder does anyone use it anymore...

Our project is called "The Artificial Aquarium"

The Concept
Replacing real aquarium in shopping malls with an artificial one.

How it works?
Well we needed to share money to buy wood planks, fish aquarium stuffs and many long hours to code and pre-record the fish scene.

How we did it?
This movie scene detects sound, when a person knocks on the glass, the program will calculate the loudness and scares the fish ;)

It worked pretty well when it was quiet, but when everybody else turns on their music... our fishes went crazy!..

So we decrease the volume sensitivity and everything was back to normal :D
It was a successful project and word from the streets, the lecturer bought our idea! No royalty for us tho...

This was done by our senior, well they've got 2 semester to develop this. Of course lar canggih!

It was one of my favorite amongst them all! The camera detects the shadow, and thats how you control the tanks.

It can be played up to 4 players, how frigging cool is that.

That's my classmate Dewi, no idea what this thing does. Heeee!

That is why I never missed a single day of class in college. Everything thought everyday is just freaking interesting!

When you love the thing you do, you will love doing everything in your future - simonso

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Package

Click click here, click click there and "WahLAaa" the package arrives within a day. Shoooooo Fast!

Phottix BP-D60 Multi-Power Battery pack for D40

Now I can make use of the extra battery that I bought earlier.

The JJC RM-E2 Shutter Remote for D40

Ahh a remote to ka chik ka chik together gether. I guess its time to plan for a trip!

What a beauty, I wonder how am i going to take a shot with it on my dslr? Hummm..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Office Mac 2008 & Veronica's Tattoo

A short update today, and I betchu nobody wants to know about this office for MAC but instead scrolling vigorously towards the next image. Hee hee!

Anyway the icon and everything visually looks awesome!

Ok next, I've only received a photo taken via a mobile phone. Now how I wish that it was a dslr.

I can definitely say the quality of the image can be a whole lot better!

So when are you getting yours?

Monday, May 3, 2010

California Pizza Kitchen, KLCC

On of the lovely Sunday, we had dinner at KLCC which was our very first time eating there together. Minus the sitting at the fountain, or rolling at the grass or anything like that..

The short name for California Pizza Kitchen was CPK, never knew that until I looked at the box. Sounds like some chinese bad word or maybe it reminded me of phua chu kang.

Anyway let's pizzaaaaa! Yumyum!

Every meal there must be vegetables, mama said.

A creative shot taken by the queen bee. She said "Look there is eyes and nose on KLCC tower"

The creative genius behind the KLCC picture above. So talented isn't she? Click "Like"

It didn't take too long for the pizza to arrive, I know it tasted good but the bad thing is I don't remember the name of this pizza. Silly me!

That's me, the dreamer.

Dream big and if you can't then dream bit by bit, it will be big eventually.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Post - Meet Liselle

Meet Liselle

a talented designer whom I knew a long long time ago even way before college. I was young and I clearly remember seeing her at a friends party. As time goes by, I met her again back in The One Academy. The Lisa Lee I used to know is now Liselle.

In words from the card, Liselle is a feminine character of a young woman which portrays an image of elegance and authority that fuels an intrinsic potency for feminine lovers. This fascinating character addressed a luxurious sense of belonging with great emphasize in her intimate love of her lifestyle.

Characteristically, Liselle loves spending time traveling and discovering more sensual perspective of the fashion world.

About Lisa Lee, Visual Artist

Graduated as Bachelor of Visual Communication, Birmingham City University,UK, Lisa Lee has ventured her journey back to Malaysia to line her new footprint in fashion illustration.

Inspired by the tremendous influence of UK, this artistic illustrator own image is closely identified with that of her fashion illustration, emphasizing her intimate love of her lifestyle.

Confident, feminine, and quietly luxurious, Lisa Lee has created Liselle. Liselle is a feminine character designed in her illustration which portrays an image of elegance and yet retains an intrinsic authority that fuels her ingenious illustration for feminine lovers.

Lisa Lee has become the partner of Toy Minister, a designer toy company which provides her a further massive platform in furthering her exploration in feminine character development.

Lisa Lee had also won in Trevor Award in UK for her fashion illustration masterpiece. Locally, she had organised and collaborated with Malaysia fashion designer, Venie Tee in a fashion illustration workshop in The One Academy.

A business women coming out in the open is what I see, an entrepreneur you should adore and learn from. I wish you all the best of luck Lisa.

Check her facebook out!