Sunday Post - CK one

9:04:00 PM
Had some time to myself over the weekend. Wanted to spoil myself with a relaxing massage but unfortunately I couldn't find the place recommended by my sister. So I decided to drive to Subang Parade and walk around.

Managed to get my dad and myself a new Polo Tee and 70% discount sounds just about right!

I walked passed the perfume area and suddenly CK One reminds me of my olden days. When I was 14, my sister used to work with the perfume shop at Isetan. I never had the money to buy so she brings me back bottles of CK One testers. I collected them and eventually it filled up my little perfume bottle.

This is just so cliche.

It reminded me so much of the olden days.

Work hard, be humble, listen to advices and decides whether to keep it or not -simonso

Happy Mothers Day.
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