Sunday Post - Ninja Joe, Tropicana Mall

4:47:00 PM
I think its fun to go for a shoot on a Sunday with friends. I just came back from a sweet and short story for the day. This is my Sunday Post.

A small and cozy yet I don't quite understand the concept behind a ninja and a burger anyhow I'm sure it meant well.

I don't really remember when was the last time I had a pork burger. You see these kind of burgers are rare. Looks like we've got one now and with multiple flavours. Brilliant!

Ah the great people I was talking about, smashpop & naomi
Then there was a new friend which whom we've got to know as a superstar in food blogging, Irise.

Oh did i mention that the burger is pretty small? Its good so you can actually order 2 with different sauces. Cool isn't it?

Went out for shoot after that, more of that from smashpop's site.

So how was your Sunday?

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