Parking with Carrefour & Getting it back

2:59:00 AM
After donkey years of leaving school and doing stupid things together with my best friends, today is one EPIC day like how daphkisses described.

We decided to meet up at Subway Carrefour Subang for dinner and for some nice hot white coffee at Subang Avenue, Old Town.

Hazri : come on let's just walk over its just next door.
Simon : lazy lar can't we just drive.
Coolen, Jon, Hazri & Coolen : WALK only lah!

So we walked, chatted there for many many hours. It was fun seriously!
Oh look at the time, its 1.30am already. Walking back only to realise all the shutter was closed. We rounded carrefour and boy all shutter was shut! As a result, we had to leave our cars there. 

As a reminder, do not park at Carrefour if you are going to be late those guys will steal your cars for a night.

For now, i'll just tell my parents that i'm upgrading to a new X6 and they had to take it to the factory for checks.

Following takes place between 9am and 10am.
I got it back but...

So I was slapped with a RM100 fine but of course this can not go down with an arguement.
Called the number stated there and he said the clamp was a punishment for drivers who never follow rules. He said there were signs all around stating that the shutters will be closed by 12 midnight.

Apparently i only noticed one at the entrance as i drove in to collect my car and it was a PRINT OUT. That was already a point to argue. Conversation on the phone wouldn't solve anything, so i decided to see the guy directly.

Security : (Introduced himself politely) So what can I do for you?
Me : Just a misunderstanding that i want to air out, I believe there are rules but if we do it on purpose yes you should slap me with a fine. With the prove of receipt that I was at their premises, I honestly wasn't aware that the shutters would be close by midnight.

Hazri explains a little more and of course we settled like civilized civilians, tee hee!

Security : Actually we can let you go without a fine, this is just a lesson for the public to know that we are not an open parking space for everybody, just for customers.

No argument there as we are customers as well, so he released all cars. Positively thinking, it was safer to get our tires locked so its even harder to steal. So ok lah its fair.


The emblem arrived yesterday and it was so new that the protective stickers wasn't even pealed off yet until I retrieve my car. So there we go an exciting weekend me and the boys had.

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