Its #EwinEeDay!

3:35:00 PM
It's been a while since I played around with birthday surprises. I think its funny and most importantly it brings the joy out of everyone.

It begins when I arrived and parked at Vin's Restaurant at TTDI. Apparently the plan was suppose to be hiding behind Bryan's car. Thank you Jeremy for not informing.

I came out from the car and realize there was nobody in the restaurant, So I turned back and actually bump into Eewin. He took a glance at me and just looked away as though I was just another stranger.

Phew.... to that. I didn't want to be the one who burst the bubble. Smashp0p did.. wahaha!

So the guys made a new hang out spot @Under A Tree.

How Ewin caught us? He left his phone in his car and as he walks out, he saw smashp0p and say Oi Jason. Hahaha thats it!

Thank you guys for the photos, Happy Birthday Ewin! Hope you have a great time with us and a better time today. Cheers!

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