Which Taker Am I?

8:25:00 PM
Find out which Taker are you here.

This became really interesting when you can select your own crew and find out which Taker are you. Read more to find out who are my crews.

Don't forget to click on the Become a taker button.

Firstly, Rebecca the smooth talker. I agree!

Then we have smashp0p as the runner, TRUE ALSO!

Thirdly we have Shaz, The Gunman. OMG! Bro you keep talking about your gun and there you go!

Somewhat true, he thought me in TOA so the driver it is :P

Leona is the builder, Could be true :P

and I love my title. Muahaha...

Anyway thanks to Sirens Media and Sony Pictures for making this happen. Our small little family of bloggers are coming out once more!

Screening Details:
Date: 25 Oct (Monday)
Time: 9.00pm
Venue: GSC Mid Valley

Find out more how you could win passes at www.sirens.com.my
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