Hennessy Artistry Press Conference, MINES MIECC

2:46:00 PM
I guess you should know what this is about since i've blogged about the up and coming biggest Hennessy Artistry party in 2010. Well I was given the opportunity to experience first hand meeting and asking question with the artist themselves.

Asked who? Mizz Nina of course. *Wink*

I was greeted with a big sign and its all about mixing from this point onwards.

Learn to be your own DJ, at the Mixing booth you can learn how to do so.

Just in time for the two lovely emcees to start of by introducing themselves, HA, Mr. Julien Defrance, and follow by the superstars.

Here he explains how each Hennessy is mixed. I never knew how to mix them up into a perfect match but i do now :D

And cheers they go!

and we go Heeeeeeeeeeeennnnnneeeeesssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Its party time next!
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